Teacher training course

There is a growing demand worldwide for a more informative and more appealing approach to teaching mathematics. Comparing Euclidean and spherical geometry leads to deeper understanding of concepts in both geometries.

The e-learning course Plane and Sphere: Comparative Geometry with the Lénárt Sphere gives insight into the basics of spherical geometry, and develops your skills to translate exercises in plane geometry to the sphere, and conversely. This competence and knowledge can successfully be applied in many topics in and out of mathematics, in geography, astronomy, or various fields of arts.

However, bold it may seem, comparing plane and sphere provides a viable route to hyperbolic geometry, one of the great mysteries of modern science for the layman, and at the same time one of the most important tools for the theory of relativity and other areas of modern physics.

Beyond mathematics and science, comparing different aspects about the same branch of mathematics leads to more empathic thinking in other areas of life, understanding and tolerance towards opinions different from your own, towards people with different cultural or social backgrounds.

For more info, please download our Training Agreement Form, and check out the pdf version of the Contents of the Course and some sample exercises. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.